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  •    User - A person or an entity who uses services in accordance with the Agreement signed with the service provider.
  •    Active User - A person or an entity who has one or more active services.
  •    Inactive User - A person or an entity without any services or the services are cancelled or terminated.
  •    Visitor - A person or an entity that is browsing the Providers website at
  •    Services - Either or both services and products provided by the Provider and available via Providers website.
  •    Downtime - A period of time when a service is inactive or inaccessible.
  •    Monthly Services - Services that are applied instantly or provided for a 1-month period.
  •    Long-Term Services - Services that are provided for more than a 1-month period.
  •    Primary Language - English.
  •    Secondary Languages - Urdu.
  •    Primary Currency - PKR.
  •    Secondary Currencies - USD.
  •    Billing Cycle - A predefined interval of time between two recurring payments.
  •    Billing Account - The account at holding a summary of all types of services provided to the User. Billing account may be is also entitled as Client Area.
  •    Credit Balance - The amount of funds in the Users account.
  •    Confirmed Affiliate Income - The amount of money that the User earned through the Affiliate System.
  •    Reseller - A person or an entity who is accepted to HostingWalay Reseller Program and gets access to the services and benefits of HostingWalay Reseller Program.
  •    Affiliate Earned Funds - The amount of money that the User received.
  •    Complaining Party - the User or an interested 3rd party that submits a report, concerning the violation of Acceptable Use policy.
  •    Authorized payments - Automatic transactions that are pre-approved by the User.
Acceptable Use Policy [v3.2 07/2019]

[1] Application of Terms

1. The terms regulate the conditions and procedures for the provision of services provided by HostingWalay ("provider", "we", "us", "our") to the user of the services ("user", "he", "his").
2. Terms of Service regulate the rights and commitments of both the Provider and the User
3. Terms of Service take effect from the moment of the use of the website or the date of electronic acceptance.
4. In Terms of Service, except for cases when context requires otherwise, words indicating singular include plural and vice versa. Similarly, words indicating natural person also indicate legal person.
5. The names of the articles of these rules are simply used for convenience and do not have any influence on interpretation by both parties.

Acceptable Use Policy [v3.2 07/2019]

[2] Prohibited Uses

1.1.The service may be used for lawful purposes only. The User is prohibited from transmitting any material in violation of any international, national and local regulations.
1.2.The prohibited uses include (but are not limited to) these actions:

  •    Fraud;
  •    Spam;
  •    Serving/sharing files using torrent protocol;
  •    Scamming/phishing;
  •    Crypto currency mining;
  •    Malicious usage to disturb the work of the server;
  •    Abusive actions against other servers or users;
  •    DDoS flooding or any other kind of flooding.

    1.3.The Provider reserves the right to refuse the service if the User uses the service for prohibited uses that violate Terms of Service, are not compatible with our policies or are considered illegal, harmful or threatening in any way.
    1.4.If the User chooses to continue using the services for prohibited uses, the Provider will act under "Users non-compliance" terms and may suspend or terminate the service with or without prior notice.

  • [3] Anti-Spam Policy

    2.1.The Provider does not tolerate spam and the spread of spam is strictly forbidden during the use of service. 2.2.While using the service for mailing the User undertakes the following obligations:

  •    Not to email to the people, who have not expressed any request in any way to receive emails;
  •    Not to provide and not to propose the service under the application of which 3rd parties could spread spam;
  •    To implement and support appropriate technical means that secure that any 3rd parties do not spread spam;
  •    Apply opt-in principle for any information sent via electronic means, and suggest effective means to refuse received spam;
  •    Not to collect, store, publish and spread data (e.g. email addresses) under the aid of which the spam can be sent;
  •    Not to create open or easily exploitable mailing relays.

    2.3.If the User does not follow the obligations listed above, the Provider will act under "Users non-compliance" terms and may suspend or terminate the service with or without prior notice.
    2.4.If the User accused of spam rejects the accusation on the grounds that the complaining party (in this case - the recipient) agreed to subscribe to the Users mailing list, the User must present proof of the recipients subscription. The User must provide logs which contain the complaining partys email address, the exact date and time of the subscription confirmation, and the IP address which the recipient used during the subscription confirmation.
    2.5.If the User accused of spam refuses to cooperate and provide the required information, the Provider considers the User being guilty of the Spam Policy violation.

  • [4] Unlimited Resources Policy

    3.1.Shared hosting services are designed for small to medium size personal, business, organization websites. Shared hosting resources may be used for active email, web files and content of the Users website(s) only.
    3.2.Shared hosting resources cannot be used for:

  •    File sharing;
  •    Extensive video, photo, log files, software storage;
  •    Document or other archive storage;
  •    Backup storage;
  •    Website(s) created to drive traffic to another website(s).

    3.3.The Provider does not limit disk space resources but applies a limited amount of iNode resources depending on the shared hosting plan.
    3.4.The Provider does not limit disk space and bandwidth resources usage as long as the usage of aforementioned resources complies with Terms of Service.
    3.5.If disk space and bandwidth resource usage presents a risk to data storage, networking, stability, security, performance and uptime of a web hosting server and affects other services or users, the Provider reserves the right to suspend the Users service.

  • [5] Copyright Policy

    4.1.The User is prohibited to carry out any actions opposing legal acts, violations of rights to third parties, including (but not limited to) storing, publishing, sending, distributing, making publicly available or otherwise transferring any content considered by legal acts to be prohibited, limited,
    threatening, discriminative, violating others rights.
    4.2.The Users content must not oppose any legal acts within Pakistan as well as the location of the service, or any party entitled to the content, as well as international regulations.
    4.3.If the User uploads copyrighted material without permission, the copyright holder or an interested 3rd party may report copyright infringement to the Provider.
    4.4.The Provider reserves the right to act upon judgement and suspend or terminate the services for the User if the User is reasonably suspected of copyright infringement.

    [6] Unacceptable Material

    5.1.The Provider does not tolerate certain unacceptable material, stored on his servers. Such material includes (but is not limited to):

  •    Gambling websites;
  •    Websites promoting illegal activities;
  •    Child pornography;
  •    Racist content;
  •    Incitement of strife, hatred or violence;
  •    Other abusive websites.

    5.2.The Provider reserves the right to refuse the service if the material stored by the User violates Terms of Service, is not compatible with our policies or is considered illegal, harmful or threatening in any way.
    5.3.If the User chooses to store unacceptable material, the Provider will act under "Users non-compliance" terms and may suspend or terminate the service with or without prior notice.

  • [7] Unacceptable Resource Usage

    6.1.Over-usage of resources and malicious usage is strictly prohibited.
    6.2.In cases where outside malicious activity affects neighboring users, the Provider reserves the right take action against the Users VPS to stop any effects to the performance of service.
    6.3.This is taken against (but not limited to): containers under DDoS, containers used for scanning. As such, suspensions, null routes or connection restrictions may be applied.
    6.4.Any of these common techniques and tools will be used to restore balance of service neighborhood for as long as necessary.
    6.5.The User agrees that such service outage is not considered downtime.

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