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Running your own website might be complicated. Not sure what a certain term means? Here you may find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Web hosting is, an agreement between you and a web hosting service company for that you will pay a lease to own and operate a portion of their shared web servers. These are computers that will store all of your data, and will allow others to get access to the content In order to operate a web site you absolutely need a web hosting account, as no site can just live on the Internet without a web server. Since web server usually costs thousands of dollars it is much more affordable to simply lease one from a web hosting provider. Web hosting services give you the opportunity to reach the world wide web without making a significant investment..

First you will have to decide what type of web hosting will suitable your needs. Your basic choices are shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting.
If you are just starting out online, then you may want to begin with cheap shared hosting plans. If you want more freedom over your hosting account, then you may want to choose a VPS hosting plan instead. Finally, if you're serious about being successful online and you want the best of the best, then you should go for dedicated hosting plans. .
A: The key advantage of shared hosting is cost, the cost of maintenance is shared between a number of accounts. This gets end user costs down significantly. Another advantage is that as the web host is responsible for managing a server, support is available if issues occur with the server.
A: In shared web hosting server resources are shared between a number of accounts, if traffic to a particular website spikes, it will require more of the resources available than the other websites. Hence the performance of your website could be at risk . Further in shared hosting you may be target of hacker activity, malware, viruses, and any disruptive activity (DOS attacks, etc.) directed at a particular web site could impact all the accounts on a server. Furthermore, due to users’ lack of control of server resources, they are entirely dependent on the support provided by a hosting provider. If support is compromising , this may cause business losses and frustration. The quality of support is vital part in the selection of hosting. .

Although in market place various shared hosting plans are available, UNIX/Linux and Windows hosting dominate. Selection of hosting depends on what technology your web site will utilize. Web sites that will utilize PHP programming and a MySQL database (as many Open Source Content Management Systems do) should use a UNIX/Linux based platform. Sites utilizing technologies like ColdFusion, IIS, VBSCript, Windows Media, .ASP or .NET programming, an MSSQL database, or a range of Microsoft solutions such as Frontpage, should use a Windows based platform (Windows 2003, Windows 2008).

A web hosting provider hosts your Web site by placing it on a computer/server , as it "serve" content up to Web surfers. which are designed specifically to host Web sites. Servers are directly connected to the Internet backbone on fast communication links like fiber/ telephone line. Your Web site will reside on one of servers at a web host's facility, yet you can view it and work on it from your own PC. This is virtually like having a computer of your own, therefore the term Virtual Web Hosting.
Linux is an operating system. It’s familiar in term of stability. Linux is popular since it offers many free versions. It consumes less resources than Windows operating system. Most popular web hosting control panel, cPanel, runs on Linux. WordPress and other PHP web applications also run well on Linux.
 A reseller is a seller of web host accounts. Being a reseller you are able to create your own brand name and control the features, pricing and content of the packages that you offer. Hence in reseller account you have full control of the marketing and sales strategy.
Web developers, VARs, system integrators and Internet business solutions providers can be a reseller as they have a general understanding of web hosting and the ability to interact with customers.

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