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The information we collect and how we use it

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  •    User - A person or an entity who uses services in accordance with the Agreement signed with the service provider.
  •    Active User - A person or an entity who has one or more active services.
  •    Inactive User - A person or an entity without any services or the services are cancelled or terminated.
  •    Visitor - A person or an entity that is browsing the Providers website at
  •    Services - Either or both services and products provided by the Provider and available via Providers website.
  •    Downtime - A period of time when a service is inactive or inaccessible.
  •    Monthly Services - Services that are applied instantly or provided for a 1-month period.
  •    Long-Term Services - Services that are provided for more than a 1-month period.
  •    Primary Language - English.
  •    Secondary Languages - Urdu.
  •    Primary Currency - PKR.
  •    Secondary Currencies - USD.
  •    Billing Cycle - A predefined interval of time between two recurring payments.
  •    Billing Account - The account at holding a summary of all types of services provided to the User. Billing account may be is also entitled as Client Area.
  •    Credit Balance - The amount of funds in the Users account.
  •    Confirmed Affiliate Income - The amount of money that the User earned through the Affiliate System.
  •    Reseller - A person or an entity who is accepted to HostingWalay Reseller Program and gets access to the services and benefits of HostingWalay Reseller Program.
  •    Affiliate Earned Funds - The amount of money that the User received.
  •    Complaining Party - the User or an interested 3rd party that submits a report, concerning the violation of Acceptable Use policy.
  •    Authorized payments - Automatic transactions that are pre-approved by the User.
Privacy Policy [v3.2 07/2019]

[1] Intellectual Property

1.1.Terms of Service does not give or transfer the User any rights to intellectual property that is not in his possession.
1.2.All rights to the software used during the process of service provision are protected and belong to the Provider or the Provider is authorized to use them.

[2] Collected Private Information

2.1.In order to use the website and the services, the User is required to register and provide his or her personal information during the registration.
2.2.Collected private information is not disclosed to any third party by the Provider, unless specifically stated otherwise in these terms, for example in cases when appropriate legal authorities request such data in case of criminal activity performed by the User or through the Users account.
2.3.The Provider reserves the right to use all of the information provided by any visitor, which he or she submitted during the registration process, as well as any other information about his activity within our services.
2.4.The Provider reserves the right to use all the collected private information, including (but not limited to) the Users email address for service related and marketing purposes.
2.5.By signing up or providing his or her personal information, the User agrees to receive service related and marketing information, sent to him or her by the Provider.

[3] Collected Anonymous Information

3.1.The Provider may collect certain information every time the visitor or the User visits the Website in order to provide higher quality services to the users of the service.
3.2.The collected anonymous information includes (but is not limited to) visitors' IP addresses, related data (e.g., the internet address of the last website, which the person has visited before his/her visit to the website, browser and operating system types, common search yields from various search programs, oriented towards internal advertising, popular search words, etc.).
3.3.The Provider may collect and conserve the indicated information about all and any visitors, regardless if they are registered or not.

[4] Cookies Policy

4.1.The Provider may collect certain information using cookies in compliance with privacy and data protection laws and regulatory framework.
4.2.The tracked information is used to supply, improve and manage the services. The use of the tracked information includes research, statistics and advertising purposes.
4.3.The tracked information is not transmitted to 3rd parties in any circumstances.

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